You’ve got a plant that runs 24/7, and that makes maintenance and inspection work difficult. The plant must be shutdown to complete these important tasks, but every minute lost this way is time that could be spent on production. With the greater number of workers running about the network of pipe, tanks, and vessels, ensuring employee safety becomes more challenging than ever. Because you don’t want to sacrifice safety, time, or money, InfoSignal is here to provide solutions that keep everyone alive and every job completed on schedule.


Maintaining a clean power plant is an all important component of operating one of the world economy’s most important parts. A temporary shutdown provides an opportunity to perform critical tasks, such as maintenance, cleaning, inspections, and improvements, but it also poses unique risks. The additional personnel, many of whom may not be used to the tasks they’re charged with, must take extra care to get the work done on schedule and without incident. To aid you with the challenges presented by a planned shutdown, InfoSignal has mobile solutions that will keep everything running safe, sound, and timely.


Safety is a chief concern in the day to day operations of anyone working with hazardous chemicals. Bringing in external contractors to perform maintenance, while necessary, puts everyone at greater risk for accidents and raises the need to know everything that’s going on throughout the facility. When any sort of emergency happens, be it a gas leak, a shortage of oxygen, or something worse, you need to be able to raise the alarm and start evacuation proceedings. For this reason, InfoSignal has incorporated gas detection monitoring into their systems, providing you with safety and efficiency in and around the confined spaces of your plant.

Tank Storage

The critical tasks involved in the inspection, cleaning, and repair of a tank or a boiler are quite dangerous. The entrance to these confined spaces is frequently too small, and often leads to poor air flow, low oxygen levels, high levels of toxic gas and even the potential for an explosion to occur. The dangers involved require a special touch to keep the workforce from harm, a system that lets a site manager know who is in a tank storage area and provides advance warning when something dangerous is likely to happen. Maintenance is inevitable, but accidents don’t have to be.


Take control of your work crew’s safety with InfoSignal. When trying to perform those routine maintenance tasks in the engine room or performing cleaning or repairs in any of the tight spaces aboard the vessel, it’s critical to know who is where, even more so when additional workers are brought on to get the job done faster. When something goes wrong, you want to be able to head it off and minimize the damage to everyone. With our system, your crew will get the job done both safely and efficiently.

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