Your People

The use of a personnel tracker allows you to know which people are where and how long they’ve been on site. When combined with other systems, such as a gas detection unit, it becomes possible to reduce individual exposure to hazardous conditions. This not only ensures workplace safety, but also enforces personal accountability.

Your Assets

With an asset tracking system, it becomes very difficult to misplace or steal critical assets, reducing the need for replacements. It also saves time when a worker needs an asset to be in place before continuing their duties. By monitoring your assets, you can ensure that each piece of equipment is exactly where it’s supposed to be, and monitor when inventory is running low and a replacement is necessary, all from a safe distance in the event of an emergency.

Our Technology

InfoSignal’s tracking solution consists of a set of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, each of which is carried by an individual or attached to an asset. The tags are monitored by an RFID reader, which uses special software to collect data in real time using radio waves. This system can be customized by the user for optimal use of time and resources, allowing them to keep only relevant information on display and to keep track of the location and status of all those with the proper tags.