Minimizing Risks

For decades, confined spaces have been monitored using a confined space attendant, otherwise known as a manhole watch. However, the factor of human error, and the inability for the attendant to see inside the space itself, poses great risk to those inside. InfoSignal is changing the way things are done and delivering a modern, digital solution that reduces risk and improves safety in a paramount way.

Digital Confined Space Monitoring

Our digital confined space monitoring is capable of observing up to 12 work spaces at once, with only one technician needed to operate it. The InfoSignal solution provides a direct line of communication with the workers, lets you see what they see, and automatically alerts you whenever a worker enters or leaves a manhole, all in real time.

Registration, communication and observation

Our system consists of three components: a system of electronic badges to control access to a confined space, a system of internal and external cameras which show the operator what’s going on inside and outside, and a powerful intercom to provide reliable two-way communication between the watch and the workforce. At your option, we can also install a gas detection and area monitoring module to provide even higher levels of visibility and safety.