Digital Confined Space Monitoring System

Implementing a new and innovative approach to controlling your confined spaces. Welcome to Industry 4.0 and digital remote confined space monitoring.



An Integrated Safety Solution

With Industry 4.0 on the rise, we are harnessing innovation to offer modern solutions that deliver new safety measures for your site. Integrating our technology into your everyday operations during maintenance, turnarounds, and projects, will allow you higher levels of visibility and greatly improve your safety track record.


Digital Confined Space Monitoring

Re-inventing what it means to monitor a confined space safely and efficiently. Out with the old, in with the new.

RFID People & Asset Tracking

Identify and track your most important assets. Real-time visibility providing powerful insights for your site.

Body Temperature Sensing

TI-Rex modern temperature sensing technology developed to efficiently inspect large flowing crowds.

Remote Gas Detection

Continuous, real-time, accurate, and life-saving early gas detection providing you peace of mind.

Access Control

A state-of-the-art solution for site access, providing you total control and management for any area of your property.

Advanced Data Analytics

The ability to make faster, more informed decisions, backed by data that was once never available.

Visibility Leads to Efficiency

For the first time ever, industries around the globe are experiencing exponential growth in the transparency of their operations due to new and emerging digital technology. InfoSignal is driven to provide you with complete visibility of your day-to-day transactions and present the data as a tangible, clear, and useful tool towards increased efficiency. We strive to deliver a ROI that provides value from the moment it is presented.

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